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    The Par Avion is a very big yo-yo. The biggest we have ever made. But that’s not where it’s name came from.It’s not easy trying to describe the subtle differences of how different yo-yos feel in play. There is some good evidence that some (not all) of how players perceive these differences is subjective. We have released over 50 different models in our history and it’s clear for each one that some people like it and some don’t. It’s clear that there are various choices for what people consider to be their favorite One Drop. There is this phenomenon where whatever yo-yo you have been playing will affect how you perceive another one. It’s probably because your muscles and your feel are all adjusted to a particular yo-yo and so you try a different one and it feels strange – you need time to adapt. This phenomenon shows how even the same person will perceive the same yo-yo in different ways depending on when they throw it. Finally, it’s difficult to get agreement on the use of terms that are used to describe yo-yo play and a solid definition of what those terms mean. We have a worked with a PhD Physicist (hi, Dirty Birdy) in trying to quantify these terms but it’s a difficult task because there is no universal agreement of when and where the terms apply.For this reason, we tend to shy away from describing how a yoyo plays in our product descriptions. We do it sometimes and to some degree, but mostly we feel it’s better if players decide for themselves.One of the common terms used is “Floaty”. Clearly, a yo-yo can’t float. So what does “floaty” mean? Generally it seems that the term refers to the yo-yo having a lightness of feeling but not necessarily that it simply is light on the scale. It’s likely that the weight distribution plays a big role in creating this feeling. Some have described it as being easy to change the direction of the yo-yo. And there are other possible meanings.“Par Avion” means “By Airplane” or “By Air Mail”. We chose this name because this yo-yo feels floaty to us and we just liked the sound of it too. Will it feel floaty to you? It may or may not and it will be interesting to see. The Par Avion started it’s design life as us wanting to make the biggest diameter yo-yo we could (as limited by the size of material we can put through our machine) – 62.5mm. We had also been making a lot of organic yo-yos so we thought it would be cool if there was an angular-ness to it. We weren’t sure how well it would play being so big but so far everyone who tries is really surprised – it plays fantastic. It’s fast, agile, and dare we say it, floaty. There we go using terms. But man, this yo-yo is surprising.We were so impressed with the play that we named it for that. We have only done this twice before: Format:C and Downbeat.We are looking forward to hearing how you describe the Par Avion in action.
    Weight: 65.20 grams
    Width: 47.25 mm
    Diameter: 62.5 mm
    Stock Response: One Drop Flow Groove
    Gap Width: 4.7 mm
    Bearing Size: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
    Alloy: 6061 Aluminum
    Finish: Bead Blast
    Axle System: Tapped, 10mm

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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    Yoyo Details: Weight: 65.9 grams Diameter: 56.2mm Width: 43mm Bearing gap: 4.45mm Bearing size: Size-C large Bearing type: 8-ball centre track Body material: 6061 aluminum alloy Response: 19mm Singwon Yoyo Pads Axle: M4 10mm Titanium Axle Surface treatment: Soft bead blast (except raw) BROOKE is named after the Rajah Brooke’s birdwing butterfly (trogonoptera brookiana). Brooke Yoyo name in Japanese it is called ブルック This is not a regular butterfly shape yoyo but it’s shape is slightly inspired by the real butterfly and even more meaningful for us is that the Rajah Brooke’s birdwing butterfly is actually the National butterfly of Malaysia named after James Brooke the ‘Rajah of Sarawak’. We really put a lot of thought into making a yoyo that is able to represent Singwon Yoyo for you to enjoy. This yoyo is suitable for intermediate to advance level yoyo players. Brooke has a soft blasted surface and comes with beautiful colours at affordable price.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $35

    STOOPID- a yoyo that was an idea when we planned the Thing is today a reality and it is a product of a process that we have enjoyed. While the specs stand at 58mm x 34mm and weighing only 54grams. This one feels so light on string. Thanks to all the feedback from our previous Slimline yoyos, who have enjoyed the Thing and the Thicc, we made changes to response pads size and this performs great as a responsive yoyo. To add to the feels, the finish on the yoyo is Matte and 12mm axle. This pocket friendly you can be played both responsive and unresponsive. Only 25 made to sale.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $50

    WIDER, BIGGER, & POWERFUL based on the 2018 Prototype version we decided to amp up the dimensions and carve out the profile for minimal yet functional throw pushing the weight to the outer rim for more solid throw, 74% of the design is inspired by high-end Japanese yoyos for aesthetic yet premium look. Still comes with 7075 high-grade aluminium for optimal stability, longer 10 mm stainless steel axle and full sized diameter of 55.52 mm and wider profile of 45.19 mm! Also the Center hub has a little dimple for casual finger-spin capabilities if you want to do it for fun and add it to your favorite combo! Please note: The color looks slightly different in pictures. It’s more amazing in person.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $45

    The yoyo that needs no description or introduction, the World 1A yoyo Champion Gentry Stein signature yoyo shutter is an ideal choice for the beginners and advanced players alike. Diameter: 56 mm; Width: 44.4 mm; Weight: 65.5 mm; Material: 6061 Al Available in 2 colors: Black and Gold

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $12

    A budget aluminum 6061 throw that is an easy pick up for anyone looking to buy first unresponsive monometal yoyo. Specs: Diameter 53.92mm Width 41.89mm Weight 74.57g

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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